Frequently Asked Questions

De’Longhi Coffee Fathers Day Bonus Seven Miles Coffee Subscription 2021


What bonus subscription am I eligible for?

  • 6 MONTHS BONUS Bear & the Beard Coffee Subscription valued at $264 from Seven Miles with purchase of:
    1. De'Longhi Maestosa Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (EPAM96075GLM)
  • 4 MONTHS BONUS Bear & the Beard Coffee Subscription valued at $176 from Seven Miles with purchase of:
    1. De’Longhi Primadonna Soul Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (ECAM61075MB)
    2. De’Longhi La Specialista Maestro Manual Coffee Machine (EC9665M/BM)
  • 2 MONTHS BONUS Bear & the Beard Coffee Subscription valued at $88 from Seven Miles with purchase of:
    1. De’Longhi Dinamica Plus Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (ECAM37095T)
    2. De'Longhi Dinamica Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (ECAM35055SB/B)
    3. De'Longhi La Specialista Prestigio Manual Coffee Machine (EC9355M/BM)


How do I claim my bonus subscription?

You can claim your bonus subscription by visiting the promotional website at and entering in the required information, including uploading your receipt. Your claim will be validated within 10 business days and, if successful, you will receive a confirmation email with your promotional code and instructions.


How do I use my promotional code?

You will receive a promotional code in your confirmation email once your claim has been validated. In order to claim your Seven Miles Coffee Subscription, please follow the instructions carefully below.

  1. Visit
  2. Select the following parameters:
    • "Subscribe and Save
    • Frequency of “Every 30 Days
    • Size: 1kg
  3. Click “Add to Cart
  4. Proceed to checkout
  5. Enter email, shipping address & discount code
  6. Ensure the total is $0
  7. Enter card details to complete order. You won’t be charged until free subscription has elapsed, and can cancel any time.
  8. If you experience any issues redeeming the promotional code, reach out to

Details should be as above for code to work

Enter discount code in the space on the right


Why do I have to add a credit card?

A credit card is required to sign up for an account and to redeem the gift. Using the promotion code will guarantee the first 2, 4, or 6 months free (depending on eligible model). After that you may choose to cancel your subscription or continue on monthly. You will receive two (2) emails warning that you are nearing the end of your subscription, allowing you to cancel in time to avoid any charges. Any payment issues or queries can be directed to Seven Miles customer concierge at


Can I continue to use the promotion code?

No, the promotion code is only valid for one use, and must be matched to the email address that you have used to claim your redemption for validation purposes.


What Coffees am I eligible for?

The promotion code can only be used for Bear & the Beard blend for the 1kg whole beans, for the length of the subscription you are eligible for. Please ensure you check your confirmation email for the specific details and instructions that you have been approved for based on model purchased.


Can I make changes to my subscription plan?

The type of blend, bag size and frequency cannot be amended from what you are eligible for. However, if you’d like to continue your subscription or try a different blend after the bonus period has expired you can continue to purchase your own subscription with Seven Miles.


Does the coffee come ground or as beans?

This promotion code is eligible for whole coffee beans only, to ensure you can fully enjoy the technology in your new De’Longhi espresso machine.


When will my order be shipped?

We ship all our orders the same day they’re processed (except for weekends & public holidays).


My promotion code won’t work?

Please ensure you are following the instructions provided in your confirmation email, including the correct blend, bag size and number of months eligible for the model purchased. If you’re still having difficulties with the promotion code, you can reach out to and provide your details for a Seven Miles representative to help you.